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We purchased our GF in 2022 but didn’t get to start actively using it until a few months ago. Since then, it seems like we’ve spent a lot of time troubleshooting problems, and a couple of weeks ago we were unable to use our GF completely. GF determined they needed to send us a new printer head, so we’ve had almost 3 weeks of not being able to use it, and we have orders to fulfill.

8 days ago, GF created the order for the replacement pieces indicating they’re getting the order ready to ship and they’ll let us know when it ships. We haven’t received any updates yet, and I’ve been emailing asking for some help tracking this order, and haven’t heard back from anyone.

This is very frustrating and we’re likely going to lose some customers who have been waiting for some orders.

Glowforge, can someone please get back to me with tracking info and an ETA on replacement parts?? We made a huge (and scary) investment into this machine and I’m starting to get buyer’s remorse because.

Has anyone had these problems in the beginning and worked through the buyer’s remorse? I’ve never spent this much on anything for our business and it kinda stinks it takes so long to take care of replacement parts when they fail.

Glowforge support does not monitor this forum, so this post probably isn’t going to help your anxiety. Although slower than owners would want, my experience is that Glowforge usually takes care of their customers in a satisfactory way. Your frustration is understandable.


I just got an email replay and although we agreed a printer head needs to be replaced (which is still under warranty) and an order was placed on January 2nd, they don’t plan on shipping it til the 16th. SUPER frustrating GF!

The company doesn’t stock the parts, they have to contact the company that builds them for glowforge and will be notified by them when the parts are available, and then glowforge will pass the information to you when they are notified it has shipped.
Yes, many of us have experienced the frustration you feel, and sympathize.


I’m in the same boat. I messaged for support a week ago with no reply. Went ahead and ordered a replacement part, the next suggested step from the videos in troubleshooting. Order place through the shop, still unfulfilled. Business at a standstill. So frustrated.

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