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I have had trouble with my glowforge when it comes to “set focus”. It is very inconsistent or will not work at all for days. Proofgrade materials, non proofgrade, cutting or engraving it makes no difference. I have cleaned the lens I have done everything I know to do. I was sent a new printer head which worked for maybe a week. This machine is a replacement machine. I have sent many messages over the last 4 days receiving an automated message in return. The last time I went through support it took awhile for them to come to the conclusion that they needed to send a new printer head. I was told this is what needed to be done but the printer head was on back order. It would be 2 weeks before it would be sent. Well it came and I thought I was back in business, it worked for a little while now we are back to the same problem. Error with Set focus. I was told that glowforge has a history of dragging things out in order to “eat” up the warranty. I read back and saw where someone else was experiencing my exact same problem and only after a long period of it was determined that it was not a problem that she would be able to take care of at her home. I am discouraged with glowforge. My glowforge is not working right, the first one was sent back because the little clip on the printer head broke. It still worked right just fell apart. This new machine has not been very dependable, customer service has been no where to be found. I am not encouraging my friends/ family who considering a laser printer to get a glowforge. The main reason is the lack of customer service. Anyone else have any ideas on how to get the set focus to work. I am just sick about this expensive purchase that doesn’t work correctly.

What material are you using when you get the set focus error? When you select a Proofgrade material will the project print? Are you watching where the red focus beam lands on the material?

Also, whoever told you Glowforge drags out the response to eat up the warranty was undoubtedly a disgruntled user. It is my experience that Glowforge is very generous in their response and willingness to work with out of warranty machines.


Yes I am disgruntled, but not many who know what I have been going through with my glowforge and the glowforge team can much blame me. I really don’t need your insults, I have been dealing with a set focus problem for almost a month. I just am trying to figure out how to solve the problem. As I said it occurs with proofgrade materials as well as non proofgrade. it occurs with cutting and engraving. An error occurs when set focus is used.

The project will print but is not accurate. it is not where it should be.

I don’t think @dklgood was calling YOU disgruntled, or trying to insult you; merely expressing that GF “running out” the warranty is not their experience.


Autofocus, and misalignment are different issues. Auto focus deals with where the laser is focused from the lens to the material surface. This can give fuzzy engraves and scores, and cause cuts to not go all the way through material. An out of focus laser beam is like a dull knife.

Misalignment is when the design does not print where it shows on the screen. This is usually an easy fix, by running the calibration process. If it’s a programming misalignment, that will fix it. If it’s a mechanical problem, it could be caused by loose belts, or bad motors, or even debris on belts, gears, or tracks. (Those are usually messy prints, not just in the wrong place.)


I was not, in any way, calling you disgruntled. I said the person that said Glowforge drags out the response probably was. I am sorry you misunderstood my comment. This is a helpful forum filled with people hoping to assist one another.


When I try to use set focus, an error occurs.
A new printer head was installed a few weeks ago. This seem to remedy the problem for a little while but now it is doing the same thing. Yesterday the set focus worked for a little while to engrave on some children’s wooden ornaments, a St. Jude project. I set focus with each engrave to insure it engraves where I need it to. This has worked for me in the past Today I got in an order of proofgrade board to attempt to run a calibration. I did not want to use the proofgrade hardwood that I have. The engraves have been fuzzy and the cuts are inconsistent, sometimes not going on the way through. It is strange that the set focus worked for a little while last night I engraved 8 childrens ornaments with their names. Then the error showed back up. I cleaned the lens I cleaned everything that I know of. With the printer head just being replace approximately 2 weeks ago, I just don’t understand why the problem has returned. I am going to attempt to calibrate the machine to see what that will do. I thank you for taking your time to answer my post.

I’m sorry I am just frustrated, I did not read your post correctly. Please accept my apology


No worries. We all have been frustrated at times with our Glowforge. When it works, it is so fun. When there are problems it is painful. Hang in there. This will get sorted out.


@vicky4321 I am so sorry the Set Focus on your Glowforge printer is inconsistent and you are receiving an error. I replied to the email you sent us regarding this issue with the best next steps. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.