Customized Crab Whamers


I’ve never tasted crab that could hold a candle to a good ribeye :grin:


Why make them compete? Eat BOTH! (I’m getting hungry following this thread)


I don’t do seafood. I’m a scuba diver. I’ve seen what they do in the water they drink. :wink:


ROFL! I don’t either (unless it would be impolite not to). It’s one of the reasons they ran my hide out of Louisiana. :smile:


MD Blue Crab tastes completely different to other crabmeat. It’s a sweeter taste. The stuff they sell across the rest of the country labeled crabmeat usually comes from the Philippines or other asian ports. Tasteless. Dungeness are very good eating crabs but wouldn’t waste a crabcake on them. Kind of like the difference between smoked ham and salt cured ham. Both good but not at all the same.

Oh and yes, Blue Crab can be found up and down the east coast and Gulf Coast. Very much prefer Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab but I won’t guarantee that most of my preference isn’t in how its cooked.


have you not seen what cows do to the grass they eat?


Yes but the grass they eat is separated from the grass they mess up. Can’t do that with the water the fishies drink :blush:

The other reason is that my steaks don’t look like cows. Shellfish especially and lots of fish preparations look dead like they looked alive.

Which is sort of odd in that I used to spend summers on my uncle’s dairy farm and we knew just which cow or pig was the one we were eating. Creeped my wife out when I told her “Bessie burgers” weren’t named after some relative’s recipe but the actual cow who became dinner :grin:


i know the names of some of my beef (that comes from my cousin’s farm). don’t bother me nun.

and i’m sure at some point some cow has pooped or stepped in poop then stepped on the grass that some other cow is eating.


And does your water come from a reservoir or a deep well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink:

And yeah, yeah, I have a friend who works in municipal water plants no need to tell me how they treat the water.


400 feet of sand and rock filtering out the cooties :grin:


I don’t do seafood either. But I don’t care what they do to the water they live in. I just don’t happen to like the taste of anything that lives in water. It’s not just the critters that live in the water; I don’t even like seaweed. Nothing that taste like ocean belongs in my mouth. (One exception: I can handle canned tuna most of the time. Because it tastes more like the can than it does tuna. LOL. Mix it with enough mayo and celery and I can easily pretend it’s chicken salad.)

I do care what we do to the water, though. And we’re really awful about what we dump into our waterways. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Ditto :slightly_smiling_face:

I like dill pickles in my tuna salad (& it’s got to be canned tuna, not fresh tuna).

When I was a kid I ate fish sticks with ketchup :grin:


Ok, you epicureans do you. :laughing: That just means more crab (and smoked salmon, and shrimp, and oysters, and clams, and sushi… :yum:) for the rest of us.

Did I mention that my (now legendary) Crab Whamers are also excellent Meat Tenderizers??
And (for our fellow Forgers of the Vegan persuasion {No hating!!}) Garlic Smashers???

And Walnut Crackers!!! :star_struck:

They are truly a wonder tool. All are welcome.


I’d need one for instructional purposes…DH and I had a little misunderstanding over the latest batch of brochures, and what “This is the last change.” means. Three times. :wink:


I can attest that, in pursuit of knowledge, my wonderful wife assured that they can be used for exactly your need.

Oww… :face_with_head_bandage:


Great idea! Will add a lot of fun to the gathering!