Customized Perpetual Calendar

I bought the file from a website, I could probably made it self but needed a sample image for the day number arrangement. I just customized per clients specifications. I received a lot of compliments and this is really a good gift for your special one. I just did a few try runs before I got to adjusted to 1/4" thickness. I will make a large size soon. Just another idea!!

PlayWood fron home depot
Full Power 250 speed
2 Pases


I like it! Great customization!


What website did you purpose it from and what were your settings?

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It was from Etsy, I’m an design engineer but I realize, they are many files for cheap already done, so unless you need something really innovative or specific it really worth to buy these pre made files and just bring them up with a little detali to make them look different. Just my opinion.
Settings are mentioned above I used just cut through 2 pases full power speed 250 and for the numbers, cut power 70 and speed 200 it took me !around 14 min to get it done.

Have a happy engraved day.


Your right found it’s cheaper to buy in most instances. Yep there they are, DUH it’s still early need my coffee…lol

You have a great weekend… thanks…

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ArtHouseUA Maybe? Great work on modifying a design.


Don’t forget to check the free section of the forum.

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how do I save this one so I can make it myself?