Customized Print Button Escutcheon



Twice I have forgotten to reconnect the vent hose. It’s been in the single digits and I don’t have a blast gate so I disconnect the hose. Not too bad, except once it was cutting leather and that’s unpleasant. I had been working on circles with @jules and it turns out that one of the rings we cut was exactly 1.6" in for the center hole so it fits perfectly around the print button on the Glowforge:

That gave me an idea then:

The design process gets a bit clearer for me with each print. On this particular design I first imported it having done nothing to the text I added in Inkscape. A message came up saying that the text was being ignored. So I went back in and decided to engrave the text rather than score it as I have been doing.

Normally I would either use the Hershey text extension or I would convert the text to paths and outline them, with no fill.

This time I did no outline and instead kept a black fill.

My designs usually have three layers, blue for cutting, red for scoring and black fill for engraving. That helps me choose.

When it came time to print, a 13 minute job because of the engraving, I noted that each letter was being engraved separately, like this final separate engraving of the Glowforge :glowforge:. Very precise, if a little different.

The text came out beautifully.

Here is a screenshot of Inkscape. Not the “C” is selected with nodes showing.

Ooooh Blundering Blunderpuss!
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Those are awesome!! Wonder if you can sell them lmao.


That needs to come with the machine! Chuckle! :wink:


I love this so much! totally something I would do.


I have decided that I have to look at a picture to get all the frisket. Note the “g” in amazing and the “h” in the after Press.


New word of the day —thanks!


Yeah I guess that could technically be called frisket…I used to use that alot in airbrushing…never connected the two…


I thought that the intact material over the top was masking and the little bits and pieces of masking that is left to weed out is frisket but I realize for painters and printers it has a technical meaning. It could also by analogy be called “flash”, what is left over from injection molding. There is another term here but it escapes me.


Frisket’s just a brand name for a type of masking film. Very low tack so artists can use it on delicate papers. (Mom uses it for watercolor work.)


Those are awesome! well done. book it for the catalog :wink:


I would put Iron Man’s Arc Reactor acrylic cut out over the button! :wink:


Oh boy, I can see a real construction of button paraphernalia of mixed materials as an overlay and surround.

I worked on animated gifs again last night. There are some cool print behaviors that I’d love to document. Almost there in streamlining the process.


Frisket is/was also the material that hand letterpress printers used for covering the platen and secondarily for masking. Back then it was typically some kind of impregnated light kraft. (With a laser you could even get the heights just right – typically the padding opposite the corners of a large block of text should be a couple of mills thinner than in the center.)


Didn’t know that…I wonder if the art film adopted the name?


Could be. The usage I learned is 40-75 years old, might be older. But nobody does that kind of work regularly anymore.


Oh my… I forgot to open the damper on the exhaust hose a few times with my old laser. One of the reasons I sprung for the filter for the GF. Sometimes I get lost in my own head. Love the button surround!


Very nice, clean text.


Very cool project. The text looks good, however, maybe it is just a quirk of my mind, but, I’d find the bottom text a little more readable running the other direction. :smiley:


That’s lovely, @marmak3261! You can engrave them all at once - in time we’ll do that automatically, but for now, @rita can probably give you the magic Inkscape incantations. In Illustrator, the trick is to make the letters a single compound path, if I recall.

File etches in random order all over the print

Nice job !! Will definately have to do something like that to personalize the GF. I was a little surpriesed you didn’t go with Papyrus font however…:grin: