Cut 3/4" Cast Acrylic?

Can the glowforge cut 3/4" acrylic? I don’t want to buy the expensive acrylic if the cut isn’t possible. Thanks!

I do not see why you could not, It would take some experimentation to be sure of settings. I have cut 3/4 EVA Foam. Removed the crumb tray and spaced it accordingly. Used set focus option to nail the height. I would suggest multiple passes. I hope someone who has tried this can provide more insight.

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I think that’s been discussed here before, and it doesn’t seem like the outcome was positive. (EVA foam and acrylic are very different materials…)


Here’s a thread on cutting 1/2" cast acrylic.


Last week I was given a bunch of 3/4" clear cast and have been trying to get it dialed in. As @geek2nurse said, it doesn’t like to be cut (at least cleanly) It takes a minimum of 3 passes and its still not pretty. I have discovered though to let it sit for about 10 minutes between passes to cool and that helps. The plus side is it engraves amazingly well.



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