Cut and Engrave in one print but on 2 different settings

I wanted to use the certified material settings. However, on the same print I would like the cut to be Thick Basswood Plywood and the engrave to be Light Basswood Plywood. What is the trick or manual settings to do this?

Just choose the appropriate setting for each step.

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I don’t know the manual settings for each. If I select a material (say Thick Basswood Plywood) then the cut and engrave are for thick. But I want the cut to be “thick” and the engrave to be “light”.

You don’t need to use manual settings. Just choose thick basswood as your material…(which is what it is). You can’t choose different materials for different steps. You can then just choose which type of engrave you want…draft, SD, HD…etc. Engraving is engraving…no matter what the thickness. The key to doing any of this is to have your different steps in different colors.


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