Cut canvass with back-light (tutorial)



the idea of cut canvas popped up on another thread, which got me to thinking of back-lighting it. Here’s a tutorial I just found. Pretty good. They’re not using a laser, but then everyone can’t be special or no one would be :wink:


Yes, very very laserable…I love art that includes lights. - Rich


I consider myself a ‘light freak’, as well. I’m looking forward to trying this idea…and really looking forward to trying some lighted acrylic stuff.


wow!!! that’s an excellent idea!!! Now I know how I’m going to decor my apartment :grinning:

The only thing is I don’t trust Christmas lights so I will use leds. :wink:


Oh I like this!! Reminds me of the light shades my mum used to make.


Sure I’m gonna try this, maybe with an hex or tech design.


That looks sooo cool. It looks great either illuminated or not. I really like the look of the flowers against the same color background. :grinning: