Cut is off - HELP!

I cleaned my machine yesterday and now my cut is off. How do I fix this? I already recalibrated, check my belt and cleaned my camera.
GF 122922

Did you use set focus before you placed your image?
Is there any chance you may have bumped the laser head while the machine was on?


Turn it off and back. It looks like you moved the printhead with the machine turned on.

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Yes I did

Have done that several times.

Yes you did what?
Set focus first? or;
bump the head while the machine was on?

I didn’t anything and yes I set focus before.

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When you cleaned the machine, you changed something about the carriage plate belt that is causing this. Put a mirror on the floor of the Glowforge and with the machine off, slide the printhead left and right, observing the belt. Are the teeth facing in? Is there a twist in the belt?

what coordinate is the design at?

It looks fine from the underneath. Ridges are facing inward and there are no twists.

I don’t have any idea how to answer that?

when you click on the design you can see its coordinates in the lower left of your screen:

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