Cut layer registering as engrave?

Can someone take a look at see what’s going on with this? I added a red outline around my image but i cannot get it to register as a cut line. It only wants to (169.8 KB)

Edit…SVG Wont’ upload for some reason. Uploaded a zip

Your cut layer must be a vector, yours is a bitmap

As @hansepe said, the cut layer has to be a vector. Everything in that file is a raster graphic.

It looks like you are using Illustrator. Did you by chance rasterize some of the elements? If so, it looks like your cut line got included in that conversion.

I converted your graphic to vectors. Don’t mind the colors, you can change or ignore, the big thing is to choose engrave v. cut when you put in the GF. You an replace the 5 and target with your bitmaps if you want.


Keep working at it. This part took me a while to get straight in my head too.


I’m pretty sure we helped you with this same logo once before, so you might also check some of the tips we gave you at the time. Here’s the thread if you’ve forgotten: