Cut layers resize themselves

Can someone take a look at this file and see what’s going on? No matter how many times I fix it and save it, the cut later keeps resizing when I reopen the file. I’ve saved the file as a different name and it still does it. This is happening on 3 different files, all related to this one project.

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The file - LeeAnn%20gift%20Final-2

(And now the image won’t save for update. It’s a monday. )

Im guessing you are using illustrator. This is a bug with their software during the saving process.

Same file. Just a screenshot of it before and after resizing.

@takitus - Any suggestions on how to get around that bug?

I have to manually edit the SVG in a text editor to fix mine, while viewing/refreshing the file in chrome.


Have you verified that you have the correct export options set up in your design software?

Yes. Same way every time. The only thing that changes is that AI will try to link to the file from time to time. (I think that is another bug since it happens at home and work randomly even on the same file.)

If you’re using Illustrator, you need to do a couple of things:

In Illustrator, you have to Embed the images. Select the image, click on the Embed button that appears in the top row. Then follow the instructions on how to save an SVG file from Illustrator in the tutorial below. (Make sure to watch what’s checked and selected in the options to prevent resizing.)

Second - I don’t know if you are planning to use the red line for a cut or an engrave, but if it is a cut…that file is going to cut out twice around the image. That’s a series of filled short segments set to engrave, not cut, and it’s gonna get absolutely torched.

If you intend to use it as an engrave, it might still cause some issues, because it looks like the segments overlap. The GFUI might blank out any overlaps. So just something to be aware of.

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Thanks Jules. I’ll let you know how it turns out in about 10 minutes. It had some issues with the image tracing in those spots so I had to “fill” it in. I forgot to convert them.

On that last file, I told it to embed and for some reason it didn’t upload it to here. But when I put it in the UI, surprise, there it was.

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Quick Question: How are you saving the file? I use AI exclusively and I never have problems the only issue is when non-AI users want to have a file I save it as a pdf. Always embed the image when saving the svg. Did you rasterize the image before you saved the svg?

I cannot confirm rasterization. I don’t think it was, but it is now.

I am doing Save As, SVG, making sure embed is selected.

I’ve never had the cut layer resize before either so I don’t know.

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On the resizing issue, are you making sure that Responsive and Preserve Illustrator Capabilites is not checked?


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That was going to be my next question. LOL

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Confirmed. Only difference between ours is the textpath option.

Oh, change your decimal places to about 3 or 4. That will resize it.

Nope. Still did it. It’s all good. I separated the 2 layers and resized the cut layer to fit in the UI. It cut fine. The wife liked it so that’s all that matters. Thanks for the help.


That’s a discourse thing - it wipes out the rasters - AFAIK the only sure way to get it to upload to the community is as a zip file

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Ok good. I thought it was AI bugging out some more.

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You can also skip all the files saving issues and simply copy paste from AI to the GF app (the screen where you select a design). Use keyboard shortcuts- ctrl+c then ctrl+v. It works great!

No way. Serious?