Cut lines won't cut

I have a design that I just successfully cut/engraved once, and now the same design is all greyed out like it’s going to ignore the whole thing, but things are marked score and cut, not ignore. I can’t get it to change no matter what I do. I haven’t done anything different except move the design to a different area to cut

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You probably have a portion of the design outside of the cutting area, so it won’t cut the design. Check that all of your design is within the working area for the operation you would like to do. As you have moved it from the last run, this is what makes the most sense.


Is the cutting area marked in any way? How am I supposed to know the boundaries? Doesn’t seem outside the cutting area to me considering where I’ve already cut on this same board.

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If you are on a PC select Ctrl-A to select everything. It will show a box around the entire project and you will see if anything is outside the area.

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OK. Thanks.

I guess bottom line for me after going through issues for the past 3 days with setup and getting started is this; The tutorials are lacking some very basic information, which is extremely frustrating.

I went through the setup process and got to the tutorials, which I could not do at that time. When I came back to the tutorials, nothing was working right because I wasn’t aware that in order to properly use the design space, this machine has to be running in my ear. There was never anything saying that I had to manually connect, or select the materials, just to see what lines would cut or engrave. The tutorials make the assumption that you have the time to go through the entire process in one sitting. Not everyone does. Had I had the time and had everything connected from the first part of the setup, it may have gone fine, UNTIL I came back to the design space on my own for the first time. I’m really hoping someone at GF reads this so they can make some simple instruction updates and understand that not everyone goes through the entire process in one go.

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The instructions told you to put in material and select it. The machine does not have to be running to design a project and assign operations. I understand you are frustrated, but the instructions spell most of this out pretty clearly.


You do not have to have the machine connected, or even on to use the design space. The only thing you can’t get when it’s off is the length of time the job is going to take.
I’m going to gently suggest that you go back and do the tutorials again and really pay attention to every step.

Note in the upper right hand corner that my machine is offline
Note in the upper left hand corner that I have a material selected (an uncertified material measurement would also work)
When you select an item that grey bars appear - when you move an item over those grey bars it will be greyed out because it won’t print. If your entire design is one piece then any bit of it being off will cause the entire thing to grey out.


You state that you have been frustrated for 3 days. That is a long time and we understand how annoying that can be, but you will save yourself lots of wasted time and high blood pressure if you will take 30 minutes and get to know the machine and the design space. You said you have a similar machine and lots of graphic design experience, thus you know you have to grasp the basics before you can expect proficiency. Maybe the Glowforge user interface is not as
intuitive as it could be, but to blame the support personnel for unclear instructions when, in fact, you haven’t read the instructions really isn’t fair.

This forum is a wealth of almost 5 years of hands on experience, problem solving, frustrations and triumphs. Use the search function and you will find answers to almost any question you have about the machine.


Hi @amyelkins, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve run into this trouble. I see that the community has been able to help in getting your questions answered in regards to the workspace in the Glowforge App.

Thank you for the feedback and for the suggestions about improving our setup and getting started the process. We are always looking to improve our instructions and tutorials, I’ll make sure this gets to the team.

I’m going to close this thread - if you find that you need further support, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!