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is there any way I can cut outside with this kind of file.? (no engrave inside just cut outline) or do I have to make another outline file? if this is a case, can you pls derect me to how to make a outline on inkscape? I just started everything 2 days ago.

Thank you.

The easiest thing to do is to get a vector version (SVG, etc) of that image instead of using the raster image (png/jpeg).

If you are very attached to that particular image you can trace it in your favorite vector program (inkscape, ai etc). I would search the forum for “trace bitmap” in that case.

Wikipedia has a bunch of SVG world maps. I would start there.


hi thank you for response. This file is not what i want just sample. I have SVG file but its not outline. is a good one, but there are so many.

Hmm well, if it’s a filled shape in an svg it will default to engrave. You can tell it to cut instead in the GF ui.

Alternately, you can remove the fill and set a stroke and then upload it and it should default to a cut.

I’d recommend reading up on this:

Particularly look at “designing for the laser”.

Despite the name, SVG does not necessarily mean you have a vector file. SVG is a container that can contain raster/bitmap images as well.

The wikimedia link shared above contains a file with a true vector image.

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in inkscape, highlight the image, then look for trace bitmap in the path menu. it will open a dialog box,lots of options but just click “OK” it shoudl make a path out of the trace. Then you can adjust the fill to none and stroke for that path to solid black to get this…us outline


hi thank you for response. I did this before but I realize if you do this there is two outside line like there is 2 path for out side of black line and inside black line so i needed trace my self which i took whole day for super easy image. can you make only one path for trace??

If you follow the steps Mark stated, you get one path, not two. I just repeated them with the PNG you posted above.

Import image, trace bitmap. Done.

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OMG, i read your comment carefully again and tried! i did it!!! Thank you very very very much!!!


no problem. play it forward.


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