Cut position on screen is not where it actualyl cuts

When cutting, where I place the image is never where it actually cuts. I understand the image I’m posting is not a glowforge material, but it does happen on the glowforge medium draft board (the only material I’ve used, other than the cookie you see).

The cookie is 1/4" tall, and so is the draft board that the cookie is sitting, so i set the focal point to 1/2"

Is there any particular reason why this happening?

Yep, there is a distortion caused by the fisheye effect of the lid camera. We have to adjust for it out at the edges of the bed. (It tends to be less obvious immediately under the lid camera.)

That cookie looks good, I haven’t eaten lunch and it’s distracting me… :smile:

In short…you’ll want to run the Camera Calibration, then use the Set Focus tool on the cookie before you place your design.


Another instance where placement looks wrong but it isn’t…
There will be times you may want to engrave a piece heavier than the first pass went.
When you return to the UI, the image may look shifted as shown in your photo, but if nothing has been moved on the bed or shifted in the UI, it will indeed go right over where it previously had gone.
Just have to go on faith when it does the fish eye stutter on you.

Maybe in the future, glowforge will offer a lid/camera upgrade, that has 4 cameras on the lid and doesn’t have use such a harsh fish eye, but rather just stitching the images together.

Oh well, this is all part of the learning curve for me.

Thanks for the help though everyone.

Exactly on the mark, @jules! Once you’ve run the camera recalibrator, try again and let us know if the results improve. If you’re still having trouble, please post a picture of your test print and let us know the date and time (including the timezone) of the print.

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