Cut sequencing


I would like to control cut sequencing on my project. In the simplest terms, I’d like to cut out a donut- a small circle inside a larger circle. How can I program the Glowforge to cut the small circle first? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Colors create operations.

So using a different color stroke for the interior, you can assign that operation to go first. If it’s not in the correct order on the operations section in the app, you can drag to reorder them.


And once you learn which order GF considers the colors, you can create your file knowing what order it’ll put things in GFUI.

This is what my color palette looks like in Illustrator:
Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.37.36 AM

GFUI puts objects of those colors in that order (left to right).

So when I’m creating art, I frequently use green as my score and red as my cut, and I always know the score will happen first.

You can find lots more here:

And I might refer you to these two threads to learn more:

Good luck!


In the material you can drag the steps up or down if you are not liking how they show up. It is easier for me usually to do that than bother which color is which as long as they are different.


It’s trivial to do it if you use a custom ordered palette like described above.

Don’t be discouraged, custom palettes are great.




As much as I toss about colors for all sorts of reasons, and even toss about cut order, it would be much more bother than worth. Like putting numbers on peanuts so you can eat them in order :crazy_face:


But what if you laser etched numbers on to your peanuts? :smiley:


More wasted effort and they would taste weird as well :nauseated_face:

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Like none of you sorts their M&Ms by color so you can eat them in groups of like color? :stuck_out_tongue:


I divide my peanuts by color also but I usually toss those in the group that is black or fuzzy green.

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But they already come in colors. It is not like you are dyeing them different colors, or separating them alphabetically :roll_eyes:

Well you do have to separate the M&M ones from the W&W ones. :yum:

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