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I have a design that 18.78"x 6.03" that is on Proofgrade Medium Clear acrylic and the greyed out areas on the edges are not allowing me to cut this design. I would have to reduce the size and this is the second piece of a multi-piece project. I can see the edges of the material, and I’m considerably less than the 19.5" cut size… What am I missing or what can I do without reducing the size of the graphic?

it’s probably not cutting that’s an issue. you probably have an engrave on there. and when you engrave, the head has to slow down to change directions after it’s finished a pass. so the faster your engrave speed is, the smaller your left/right engrave area is. hope that makes sense.


just to clarify a little, the closer to those left/right ends the engraving is, the more problematic they are. if the cut lines are a couple of inches past the end, you probably won’t see an issue. if the engrave runs up to or across that cut line, it’s going to cause the engrave area to decrease.

if you want to see how it affects your areas, ignore the engrave and see what the cut line looks like. then ignore the cut and activate the engrave and see how it changes.

I kinda figured that out when looking at some other posts with the same issue. I removed my outer cut line and my engrave area is 18.48" and it still won’t go… seems as though I would have to reduce the size another 1/2" inch or so… so the largest engrave area is less than 18"?

The size of the gray margins at the edges change based on how fast you are engraving the image. If you reduce the speed of the engrave, the margins will get smaller and you can fit your entire image on the board.

BUT…you will need to reduce the power as well. Run some tests on scrap placed at the edge of the bed to determine the the correct speed and power setting to get the results you want.

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That did it!!! Thank you! I had to reduce to 642… now what to do with the power…hmmmmm.


Thank you so much for the help @shop and @Jules!

Since this has been resolved, I’m going to close this thread. If you need advice about manual settings, I suggest posting for advice in the Beyond the Manual section of our community. Note that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.

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