Cut strength/settings in SVG

Is there a way to program into the svg file what speed and power of cut to use, or to specify outlines as CUTS vs SCORES. I would have assumed that using some sort of grayscale outline or stroke thickness would correlate to cut strength but it doesn’t. Am I missing something? Or is this going to turn into a feature request?

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No, there is no way to do that because settings are material specific, not file specific. It is a safety thing as well since you may store the settings for acrylic and then actually make the item from cardstock. The result would be wasted material and maybe a fire. Also a vector line will be either a score or a cut and the width is a single laser beam wide no matter what color or size of stroke designated in the graphics program.


I see, but if you’re using the same material (nonproofgrade) every time the fact remains that a huge amount of time is wasted to manually program every cut and score for files that have many steps. It takes me 10 minutes to get my file set up the same way every time. Even just saying default red strokes to cuts and blue strokes to score would save me quite a bit of time - in that case it would save especially a lot of time for proofgrade material. — also yes I don’t care about the width of a stroke but it could be a useful vehicle for storing a correlative setting in GFui

another thing - is the layer order preserved and converted to the step order in GFui? I haven’t tested that yet.

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Agreed, I’d love to see this. It’s been discussed several times before… I’d even accept a big popup to warn me to confirm imported settings.


You can save your settings and reuse them just by clicking on the name you saved it as. Once you’ve assigned the settings to a particular file, they should return every time you open the file in the GF app.



Wonderful! Didn’t know this. I’ll tinker with it. Although I’m dubious if its everything I’m hoping for. Thanks for the instructions!


Look into custom palettes. Default job order is always engraves (rasters and vectors by fill color) then cuts by color. Layers in the SVG have no effect in the GF UI, they are ignored.


Also after you’ve finished perfecting a design you can export it, and that will include a box with all your settings.


Another helpful technique is to set up custom color palettes in whatever design software you use – by making sure that all scores, for example, are the exact same color, they will all come into the GUI as a single operation. Same goes for engraves and cuts. If you aren’t already doing so, check out this topic.

I use 4 colors: black, blue, green, and red in all my designs to denote engrave, score, inside cuts (if needed), and outside cuts. This loads them into the GUI in that order, too, making it easy for me to set each operation in a consistent manner.

Good Luck!


I make my list a bit more specific…

And that is just the acrylic part


I have around 30 or so custom settings.

I’d argue it’s a heck of a lot faster to select from my list in the UI, than to try and set them in Inkscape or similar - and I’m pretty nifty with Inkscape.

It also means I can print the same design on different materials, and just select the appropriate custom setting for that material.