Cut through polymer clay

Has anybody tried to cut through baked polymer clay? What I was thinking of doing is rolling it into a sheet baking it and then transferring it into the glowforge to cut shapes for earrings. Thanks!

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Searching the forum is key here.

You need to research because if your polymer clay is PVC, you will destroy your machine cutting it.

Normally I would have just left it at “search the forum” but since it’s PVC risk I’m taking the time to spell that out.


You might find better luck making cookie cutters with your GF. There are few examples on here if you search (here’s one: Proofgrade 1/4" Clear Acrylic: Bunny Cookie Cutter)

There are a lot of benefits to the cookie cutter approach -first of all, it’s cheaper over the long haul than repeated cutting on your GF. There’s obviously the danger of PVC, which I believe most polymer clays are made from. Also, if your clay isn’t a consistent thickness, you’ll be forever tweaking the settings.


Are you sure this is the link to making cookie cutters? I did a quick search and couldn’t find that.

It is definitely not. :slight_smile: I’ll edit.


Another alternative would be to cut stencils that you can lay over the rolled polymer clay and use a sharp object like a needle to cut the shapes out along the stencil.

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No! Polymer clay can’t be cut with a laser. It is PVC both raw and baked.