Cuts are not uniform on PROOFGRADE material

I can never get the cuts to fully cut the whole design uniformly. They are always inconsistent… some part of the cut always remains attached (not cut thought).

I cleaned lens, the mirror and all side windows… still have the same issue.

I can “punch through” with draftboards, but with cherry hardwood pieces always break apart.

Is the “cut” supposed to cut through the bottom tape along with material? Or it’s somehow so precise that it only cuts wood. (see attached).

Support pretty much keeps telling me to clean even more.

Quite frustrating, as I just bought bunch of materials to cut some board games, but I am worried they will just get ruined. :frowning:

It is really important to ensure the board lays completely flat on the crumb tray. People use magnets and also little pins for that. I also manually adjust the speed dictated by the proofgrade material, slowing it down a bit to ensure a deeper cut.

Yup, it’s very flat! I did use the honeycomb pins.

When I slow down the cut speed, it tends to visibly burn the edges at one part of the board, while still not cutting through the other side.

I wasted 4 draft-boards trying to print a ~10x10 inch puzzle.puzzle3-gf

Here’s what you want to do…tape or pin the new draftboard down so that it doesn’t move…at all. After the cut use a pick similar to this one to lift the cut parts out:

Alternatively you can use a doubled up piece of Gorilla tape to lift them out.

If they don’t lift out easily, send the Cut a second time with a faster speed to finish the cut in the places where it didn’t quite cut through. As long as the backing material isn’t moved, and the image on the screen isn’t shifted, it will cut in exactly the same place.

Or when you set up your next pass for that puzzle, just go ahead and pre-set the number of passes to two. :slightly_smiling_face:

Most people don’t realize it, but the designs themselves can play a very large role in how well something is going to cut. A lot of complex turns and curves make it a good idea to take a couple of extra precautions.

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When cutting proofgrade materials I always adjust the proofgrade speed setting down by 10. It doesn’t hurt the material but it does get you through and makes clean cuts.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.