Cuts don't line up / Cut doesn't line up with engravings

Any help with this issue would be great. I have had my GF for 2 years or so and just started having cutting and engraving issues.

Issue 1: See Photos - I have used this same file multiple times, the cut lines should line up perfectly once they are flipped. I have cut them 3 times now and they do not line up. Weird thing is the cut comes out different each time even using the same piece of wood. On one print it failed to cut a very small section as well. The front piece seems to come out larger than the back.

Issue 2: Also, I have had an issue where my cut line doesn’t line up with a bitmap image. The design has also been used many times with no issues. The file was made in Inkscape and I have never had any issues with it before. The cut is not lining up with the engraving but just by a small margin.

I’m thinking maybe a wheel or belt is messed up or some debris is causing the issues but I have cleaned and looked through my GF with no luck in finding the issue. Any ideas?

There are two things that can cause a (basically) square shape to not cut symmetrically: the laser arm is crooked, or the belts are too tight or too loose. These guides should cover how to troubleshoot those issues.


Hey dan, thanks for the links. I have gone through both of them and my laser. Tightened and loosened the belts, used a square to align the laser arm, cleaned the belts, and even found a few V wheels that had minor cracks and replaced them but I am still stuck with the same issue. The cuts seem to change when I move them from the top left of the workable laser area to the bottom right. Never gets better though just makes the 2 pieces not line up in different areas. I’m thinking maybe the wheels attached to the laser arm might be the issue just because I can’t get a great look at them but have been hesitant to attempt removing the laser arm to get a better look. I haven’t seen a guide on that but I’m guessing that will be my next step.

I don’t think you can have minor cracks in the wheels. If, with the machine off, you move the gantry all the way to the back, and if skewed you can even measure how bad and straighten it out. If you run several jobs with power at zero you can get a better idea of what is happening and where.

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