Cuts not working on proof grade material

Im making a pirate chest from the glowforge shop using medium proofgrade draft board and the cuts are not cutting through even though we used the recommended medium draftboard settings. I can make it work by using different settings but I thought one of the main reasons for using proofgrade was that using the recommended setting would work every time. Im wasting a lot of valuable proofgrade materiel. Any help would be appreciated.

That is one of the main points of :proofgrade: , in fact, it’s guaranteed. You need to contact support (either or an email to with photos of the failed cuts (front and back) and the time/date you attempted the PG settings print (so they can verify against your logs). They will process your warranty claim.


Yes, that is one of the selling points for the Glowforge. However, if your machine is 5 or 6 years old (you joined the forum in 2017) then your laser tube could be failing. It may be possible for Glowforge to tweak your settings, or you may have to manually adjust your speed and power to compensate.


Just checking: when did you last clean all your optics?


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