Cutting 1mm silicone



Hey guys,
Just wanted to check if the GF will cut and etch on 1mm silicone.
Gathering it will but just wanted to double check :slight_smile:



No problemo. Anything that works with any standard 40/45w laser will work just as well in a Glowforge.


Cheers! Considering for a product we make. But we’d need to do 100pc of 40cmx10cm at a time.
So might be a bit time consuming…

When we could make a mould and spit them out in volumes. hmm…


Rather than etch silicone, you might get cleaner results if you etch something like a Delrin sheet and make a negative for casting silicone in.


Holy crap. For some reason I never thought of using the glowforge to make molds. This is genius.


fancy, multi-part molds that can be taken apart easily!


Ok now you have me thinking!! Casing silicone is something i hadn’t thought of before. Time to research!


Just keep in mind that there’s “food grade” silicone, and “everything else” silicone. I’d hate to hear about anyone getting leeched toxins in their systems.