Cutting a pattern out of acrylic

Please forgive my ignorance, trying to cut out out a quick pattern in acrylic , and it keeps saying you cant cut this only engrave, what am I doing wrong?

Vectors can be cut; bitmaps can only be engraved.


So I need to save it as a Vector then, thank you. You saved me a severe headache.


Actually, you have to create the vector paths in it for the laser to follow. (Requires using an Auto-Trace program on a bitmap image to generate the cut lines.)

We’ve got rather a lot of tutorials that explain what’s going on…most are just a page or two, but they can really help with understanding: :slightly_smiling_face:

The Glowforge team recommends working through your first prints by following along with the examples shown here to learn where everything is:

That particular page is also handy if you have any problems to Troubleshoot and you can access it by clicking on the Support button in the app.

Once you have run through the sample prints, some of the customers have put together some handy Tips sheets and a lot of tutorials in the Tips and Tricks section of the forum.

Some good ones to start with:

We’ve also got some of the basics covered for a lot of the design programs commonly being used in the Matrix, if you need anything specific. :slightly_smiling_face:


@jules, I feel like you must have this response ready to copy and paste at least once per day! Thanks for all your patience always taking the time to respond to us noobs with kindness. :slight_smile:


Chuckle! True confession time…I do have it bookmarked. :wink:
(And you’re more than welcome…we were all newbies when we started.)


Double thank you from me

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