Cutting a traced design

I need to make a jig. I traced an outline with a pen on a piece of paper. I used the ‘trace design’ feature but it will only let me engrave, not cut. Is there a way I can cut the design easily? My design-fu is weak, so I can’t just ‘make’ a cut file.

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I’ve never tried the trace feature but I think it’s only for raster designs. You need a vector to cut. If you have a program like inkscape you can easily convert that drawing to a vector that then can be cut.


One of the very first things I ever cut with my Glowforge 6 years ago was a trace of a drawing made by my young grandson. At that time, I didn’t know anything about the double lines that show up, but we went ahead and cut it out. The reason I remember it so well is because we were astonished at the very very thin piece of wood that we also got because of those double line. I’m pretty sure you can cut a trace out.


Will the “Outline” feature allow one to cut? I know I’ve used it and I think it was to create a cut line but it’s been….3+ years since I used it. Is it also a pay feature? I also no longer remember if it is or isn’t at this point as well.


Trace supports cuts. Instructions:


Cool. I have never tried that feature.


The snap and store box tutorial unfortunately doesn’t make it clear how to get a good cutline when using the Trace feature. Basically what you need to do is click in the white space outside your traced image to generate the cut line. Also note that the image needs to be a closed figure, or you will get the cutline extending to the interior of the image.

You might find these keyboard shortcuts helpful while using the Trace feature:


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