Cutting and Engraving Kraft Tex

Hi! I have searched the forums and have seen a lot of posts started about Kraft Tex and that people were going to play with it but I have yet to find some actual advice on using it :slight_smile:
Does anyone have suggested engraving and cutting settings for it? Thank you!

It’s made from paper and latex so it should cut just fine. Your best bet is to run a test. This one takes up a tiny bit of material:

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I made a fake wallet with it once. My cut settings were speed 450, power 80. Score settings were speed 250, power 2. I didn’t really spend a lot of time optimizing so these could probably be improved. I didn’t try engraving.


Has anyone tried engraving? I’ve run a couple tests and it’s coming out a bit odd. Any ideas where to start on settings?

Here’s a quick test that will let you narrow down to a smaller range very quickly: