Cutting and engraving questions

I’m on day three of owning my new glowforge pro. I need help. lol
How can I take a clipart image from the internet and cut out the shape and then engrave the details of the image. For example: say I have a clip art image of an umbrella. The umbrella has stripes on it that I would like engraved (on the draft board) but then I’d like to be able to cut out the entire umbrella shape…I’m at such a loss on how to do this.
Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?
Thank you!

The advice is everywhere in the forum, if you search for “cut outline”. Like this:

You’re arriving at an unusual time, though, and the advice might be changing. The new design tools have an outline feature, you might want to try that out. Not every image is going to be a good candidate for that outlining feature, but your might well be. You’ll have to give it a shot to find out.

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I’d say this is the most frequent request for help by folks who are new to the world of digital design. But as @evansd2, the new design tools will help with this.

What design software have you chosen to work with? We are talking vector programs like Inkscape, Illustrator, Coreldraw and Affinity Design.

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I’m using Inkscape currently.

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Look at the “trace bitmap” function. There is online help built into the app., but the search link shared above also returns plenty of references to it.

This is one of many that goes through the steps.

Here’s another one.

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