Cutting area is offset by 1.5 inches

I’ve lost over 1 1/2 inches of vertical cutting area on my Glowforge. I’ve run the camera calibration process, “set the focus”, powered the laser off and on and ensured that the crumb tray is properly seated on the bottom of the laser. As you can see from the provided picture, the red highlighted area is what the camera indicates is the cutting surface (as indicated by the software).

The cutting surface is significantly overlapping the crumb tray, thus decreasing the vertical cutting dimension from the standard 11" to roughly 9.5".

The yellow line represents the true bottom of the cutting area, the laser will not cut below that level (I assume it is hardwired).

The laser is in perfect alignment. If I print a pattern, the image in the software is in perfect alignment with the cut. This is what we would expect after performing a camera alignment.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A close-up of the problem:

Looks like your crumb tray isn’t in the right place, it should have its feet sitting in the dimples at the bottom of the case which would put the tray basically as far forward as possible.

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Sorry, no. The crumb tray is perfectly seated in the dimples. In fact, the tray would need to be moved forward 1.5”, and that’s not physically possible.

What does the speed settings show for your engraving?

I suggest trying the following. Start with nothing on the bed and select medium draftboard as the material. Open the Bounding Box file below and move it until it matches the following photo. If you cannot get this file to the point that it will cut, you do, indeed, have an issue.

Bounding (1.2 KB)


Just to clarify - do you mean that the dimples won’t allow the tray to move further forward or that the tray is already fully forward?

To illustrate, this is where it should be sitting

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I would like to thank everyone for the awesome assistance. I turned the machine off for the night and when I turned it back on, 8 hrs later, the cut area shifted upwards in the software; yeah! problem solved. My initial short-term power-on-off had no affect.

dklgood, the bounding box test was perfect. I was able to use it to validate that the software was focusing on the correct area. Prior to the “magic fix” (machine turned off for 8 hrs), the bounding box “fit”, but when it was aligned with the cutting area, it overlayed the front edge of the crumb tray by roughly 1". This meant that the bottom of the bounding area image would not be cut; thus my reason for this posting.

elka, the crumb tray was in the position that you show in your photo.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to help me.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @LyonsFamily.

It sounds like you were able to get some support from our community members. That’s excellent!

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