Cutting board alignment/centering

I’m going to BLOW! I have 22 cutting boards to do by Thursday and it is not aligning correctly.
I am trying to engrave a name and a flower design in the bottomed right hand corner of a cutting board:
I have measured the board, made the tape lines, scored the tape line and then put the board “into” the tape lines. Then un-ignore the design and it does to where I want it to be. I have calibrated it, I am losing my mind!!

Set focus on the board before you place the design.
The tape lines are (I assume) on the crumb tray or at least not at the same height as the surface of the board. That is why it’s off.


I assume you have the honeycomb tray out? If not, use the set focus before placing the art, and score at a power of 1 onto a piece of paper placed on the board to see if it prints where you wish. Adjust until it does and then remove the paper and use the proper power. If you have the tray out it is important that you elevate your board to within the focus range, use the set focus and do a test before ruining a board.


As @beerfaced said, use the “set focus” button and click on your cutting board, let it re-scale the camera image accordingly, THEN place your artwork. If you place your artwork before doing that, you’re lining it up with a photo that isn’t scaled to true size, and things will not print where they appeared on screen.

Longer explanation here if you’d like:


If you have 22 to do, use a jig.


Thank you all. My nerd husband (and I always dated the jocks in high school :wink:) figured out the XY axis thing and it totally worked!!!
Crumb tray in, set focus, set before the image…but the XY is the thing that wor🤦🏼‍♀️

So you figured it out? When you do a calibration it explains the function of your xy access.

FYI, nerds can be jocks too :slight_smile: My husband was a Penn state kicker and still became an aerospace engineer. Yet he always tells people I have enough engineering masters for the both of us. Who you date and athletic skills are not correlated to nerdy level, IMO :slight_smile:


Well thank you for you opinion, but I can call my husband nerdy if I choose and It’s a joke between the 2 of us all time, he knows he’s a big giant nerd. And I know Athletes can also be “nerdy” dated one of those too…I just know I’m married to a non athletic nerd. And, we created, a nerdy 3 sport, 6’2 athlete and captain of his hockey team senior year. And I’ll take all the credit for his athletic ability, I certainly can’t claim the brains he got.

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No problem! :slight_smile:

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