Cutting Board Questions

Hi there!

I hope everyone’s doing well! Extreme newbie here! This community has been so helpful in my glowforge journey! I was looking into engraving a cutting board but have no idea what type of cutting board to buy or where to buy it! If anyone could lead me in the right direction I would be forever grateful! Thank you so much :)!


Engraving is very forgiving so it’s hard to go wrong. Bamboo is a grass so sometimes engravings can look “uneven”, so if you don’t like that avoid bamboo. Pine/butcher block is great stuff.

As long as you find something that fits inside you’ll likely be able to engrave it - so find one you like! Everywhere from Amazon to your local dollar store carries cutting boards (maybe start with the latter so you can run some tests without wasting too much money).

If you want to see ones that other :glowforge: folks have made try here :slight_smile:


Thank you so so much :)!!!

Welcome! One of my first projects was a bamboo cutting board engrave for my Mother’s birthday. We took a letter that was written in German and I traced it using the trace feature on the GF UI. I was so happy how it turned out. 565/30 and 180 lpcm recommended by another owner.


Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!!! What an amazing gift! Thank you so much for your help! Did you have a specific place you bought the board itself? Thank you so much :)!

Thank you. I found a set of three on Amazon for $12 for a set of three. I used the small size to test the engrave. Go to the Amazon search field and reference ASIN# B004GJXE0E
Farberware Bamboo Cutting board set. Have fun engraving! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so so much, this is so helpful! Another quick question if you don’t mind (I’m sorry- I’m so new!), do you have to mask it before you laser it?

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Yep, most projects should be masked to protect the wood from over burn.

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I was wondering if you should apply a finish to the board after engraving? If so, what kind of finish would you use?

I personally dislike masking. I lightly sand my wood after lasering.

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Check out this post. Lots of boards that I include my settings and material sources for.


Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful pieces! Thank you so much for your help!!!

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