Cutting By Annie Soft and Stable

Does anyone know if it is possible/safe to cut By Annie Soft and Stable?

According to the website it is 100% polyester, which means it should be safe and cut fine (probably similar to felt for settings).

You’ll probably want to watch it carefully and test your settings. Polyester can get melty on the edges and like almost all plastics can be flammable. Like @samrcawley said it should be fine, but definitely keep an eye on it as you test.


Ok, thanks

Yes this. Melty and flammable - but will probably cut really well.

I’ve done quite a bit of fake felt cutting and it is super fast and neat.

Likewise this reminds me of my foam-backed headliner fabric.

I’ll try it and post the results. Thanks for posting your settings; I wasn’t sure where to start.

I have no idea if your fabric will cut in the same setting range. The best (and really only) way to be sure is to test, here’s my method for testing all materials:

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Thank you

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