Cutting cardboard with sticker film on both sides

Hi Glowforgers!! I’m sooo happy with my Glowforge! But I have a question…before I try, I wanted to know: If I print unto sticker paper and I stick sticker film to both sides of a cardboard 1.5mm thick, making it all about 1.7mm thick, at which parameters can I cut through, without the assembly igniting? I’m a little aprehensive, and wanted to ask before trying it out…thnxx!!

I have not read any posts that I can remember that duplicate the material you are planning to use. Many people have cut and engraved paper. Many people have cut and engraved cardboard. I suggest you do some testing to determine the best settings for you. You could start with the type of cardboard you are using and then fine tune your settings. Searching the forum, you will find many references to cardboard. Here is one such link: Sometimes you just want to play - cardboard

Never leave the Glowforge unattended when cutting cardboard. If it begins to flame too much, lift the lid and the laser will stop firing. Have a damp rag nearby.

Many people have great success with cardboard, but there are way too many different kinds of cardboard to just copy someone’s settings. Finally, make sure your material is absolutely flat against the tray and use the set focus tool or measure precisely with a calipers.


Thnxx soo much for the quick reply, dklgood!! I’ll go at it with baby-steps and once I figure out the “recipe” for my specific type of cardboard and sticker film I’ll gldly post my findings, have a great evening!! :star_struck::+1:

I have cut paper and cardboard with polyester film on at least one side. As @dklgood says, just experiment carefully and you should be fine. Just make sure the film is polyester or Mylar (a form of polyester) and not PVC based (which contains chlorine and is a definite no-no in the laser).


Thnxx soo much for the tip, cynd11!! oh, I’ll definetly check for it to be polyester or Mylar, thnxx for the heads-up!! :nerd_face::+1:

So the problem with cardboard is corrugated cardboard. When you cut corrugated cardboard little embers can be blown into the corrugation, the accordion like structure between the top and bottom paper. Once inside they can start a fire. But as you are using 1.5mm cardboard, I’m thinking it’s just a heavy card stock and not corrugated cardboard. There is still a chance it could catch fire, but the chance is much less. Whenever I cut cardboard or paper I have a wet dish cloth handy. I find those glass sides of the glowforge a nice storage spot for it. If there is a fire, open the lid and put it out. I had corrugated cardboard catch fire my first day and I had a piece of parchment paper fly free, go up into the laser beam and ignite. Both times it was like putting out a feisty candle. The second time I just used my hand - no burns.

As for the cutting you’ll need to experiment with your settings. Paper products like to have little scorch marks. Plan on sacrificing some of your laminated cardboard to the laser gods as you learn what settings work for you.


Thnxx so much for the help, caribis2!!! You are right, it is NOT corrugated, rather flat cardboard…I’m not sure how the mix of sticker media and cardboard will react to the laser cutting, I’ll just go step by step, tweaking settings until I arrive at a satisfactory result, i just wanted to know if someone out there had this type of project and to get to know their take on it, thnxx again! Cheers!!!

Jose “Gigio” Esteras


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