Cutting Cardboard

What is the setting so the laser follows the outline instead of just moving back and forth. I feel like it takes so much longer and more likely to flare up. This has happened on different files. If it matters the last one I tried was an .svg format.

what settings are you using?If you are on an SVG, check that you are using the “cut” function, and not the “engrave”. If so, it should just be following the outline directly. The settings will be on the right of the screen after you have rendered your image.


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If you have not worked through the Glowforge tutorials, I urge you to do so and gain and general understanding of the interface. What you are describing is engraving, and what you want (follow the outline) is cut or score.


Here are the tutorials. Your first prints. If you have not worked through these yet, you really need to do this first. It is your Glowforge 101. It explains so much you need to know.


Thanks for answering and not just referring me somewhere else like I didn’t think of looking. I am NOT getting the option to set for “cut” like I normally would. I inserted a snowflake design from the community posts ( so I don’t know if it has to do with the original set up but thanks again.

If the tutorials helped I wouldn’t have posted a thread because I know the majority of the relies will be telling me to go back to the tutorials. The inserted item doesn’t give me the option to change the setting to “cut”. For as much as we spent on the machine I anticipated a better answer.

If you don’t understand why you don’t have a cut option, it does seem like you missed something in the tutorial. This is a community forum, so it doesn’t matter how much you paid for your machine… we’re just fellow owners helping you out of generosity.

All that said, if you don’t have a cut option, you don’t have any vector information for the laser to follow. You need an SVG with paths in it. It can’t be just pixels. You can use Silhouette Studio or Inkscape to trace around an image. If you have Premium, you can also use it to create an outline.


You need vector lines to cut/score. Rasters will engrave. It seems your file does not have vectors. Where did you get the file? Do you have a graphics program to modify the file.

I am sorry that you feel we are not helping you, but the machine is working properly and the tutorials have been helpful to many. There are “tips and tricks” categories that explain designing for the Glowforge interface, but there are many of us that will help you as well.


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