Cutting/Charcuterie boards

What is the best wood to use to make food grade cutting and charcuterie boards. I tried Bamboo, but it wasn’t that great.

What are the best settings for these?

That is a BIIIIG question, and “best” is subjective!

Bamboo is lovely stuff - as it’s a grass you get variation in the engrave depth/colour, which can be used to your advantage.

Butcher’s block is (AFAIK) traditionally maple, but can be made of any hardwood (or any wood for that matter, but the softer it is the faster it will fall apart).

Try digging in here and see if you find something that makes you happy!

Also, MOAG is for items you’ve already made, so I moved your post to the Everything Else category. If folks start discussing specific non-PG settings it’ll get moved again to Beyond the Manual :slight_smile:


You should never prepare food on an engraved board. You can use it for serving hard foods like cheeses and meats but you have to be meticulous about cleaning afterwards as any food in the engraved area will rot and grow bacteria.

Engraving is for decoration only.


Or take comfort that wood boards are naturally antibiotic so it’s not that big of a deal - @eflyguy and I fall on different sides of that particular debate :slight_smile:


Now you tell me!! :open_mouth:

There’s nothing wrong with an engraved preparation surface, provided one cleans their boards properly. I use engraved cutting boards every day, meat, fish, poultry… whatever.


Good for you.

My cousin is a CIA-trained chef and we have contacts in NIH who disagree. I’ll stick to their advice.

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You can search for settings in Beyond the Manual. There are so many great posts there that are just a search away :slight_smile:

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