Cutting Epoxy Resin

New kid here, awaiting on my GF shipment like a Yorkie who sees her owner through the door! Trying to learn everything I can from this awesome community! So, I’m an artist who works with epoxy resin, can the GF cut throu 1/16 inch thick sheet of it? I’m curious about melting.


I don’t have any references, but in the past I researched this as I wanted to do the same, and came to the conclusion that I’d better not try it. I’m pretty sure most makerspaces won’t allow you to cut epoxy resin in the laser.


This is a similar question to those who wanted to cut pre-preg carbon fiber or fiberglass sheet. There can be some seriously nasty fumes generated by the epoxy resin and a serious fire hazard. Commercial outfits who do cut this type of material use a blanket of inert gas to avoid the fire hazard and to keep the fumes more contained. I would not suggest trying it with the GF.


Welcome to the group Jessica. (No idea on the resin.) I’m wondering if you pour your own, if you couldn’t make a frame or mold for it using the Glowforge. A couple of folks have done some really wonderful things by pouring the resin into frames cut from wood and acrylics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Jules! I do pour my own, but I actually pour it so thin that I either cut it by hand with scissors or on my scroll saw. I made it look like stained glass. I figured laying out my pattern on the GF would be a lot easier.

Here’s an example of my epoxy art…


Oh that’s beautiful work! I can’t wait to see what you do with the Glowforge…you could incorporate the frame into your designs. (Do a quick search for “resin” to see other members projects… @cynd11 is our Regular resident resin expert. (Say that fast five times. :smile:)


Nope! I only dabble. Jessica’s art is way more advanced!

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Thanks Jules! I’m super excited about it! …so we can cut resin? I’ll go look!

Hi Cynd11! have you ever cut epoxy resin, or do you use it post GF to inlay or clear coat? I’ve read mixed reviews online about cutting it in other laser cutters, but I’m still searching for someone to give it a thumbs up or down on a GF. Some say it could catch on fire, create cyanide gas, screw up the optics…and still others are like, go ahead, it’s cool!
What’s a girl to do?!?!

No, sorry…they cut frames for it and then poured the resin in. The Glowie is kind of expensive to experiment with if it does turn out to be corrosive or something. :wink:

Right! I’m supposed to get mine on the 3rd of June and I’m trying to study and learn everything I can about it. I just found out what a vector was yesterday and started tutorials on Inkscape! hahahah I’m completely new to this! … I don’t want to break her on day 1!

Nope, I’ve concluded it’s not worth the risk. All I have done is create frames from acrylic or wood.

You are on the right track of learning as much as possible before your machine arrives; I’m still learning every day!

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I don’t have an answer but would urethane resin work in the laser or your artwork? That’s what I work with most of the time, but I pour toys and dolls, not in thin sheets so I don’t know if that’s a helpful suggestion or not.

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Ya know, I don’t know! I don’t know that product. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip.

Smooth On has a variety of resins, but most of the “water” clear urethanes are industrial use only. I’d recommend maybe checking out Smooth Cast 325. It’s an amber clear, so it’s got a slightly brown cast to it if you don’t add color to it. I haven’t used it myself, but i’ve heard good things. I use task 9 from Smooth on, but it has to be pressure cast, which probably wouldn’t work for you.