Cutting issues?

Has there been a system update recently or something? Suddenly when using proofgrade materials and the automatic proofgrade cutting settings my pro is taking a lot longer to cut and its not cutting all the way through.

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I do not know of any system wide change that would be causing your problem. What do you mean when you say it is taking longer to cut things? Can you share a screenshot of a cut that didn’t go through? Also, what material and what are the settings?


Wow. 4 years since you’ve been here, welcome back! Sounds like you have had good service from your laser. I was expecting the two-year stated life from it but got 6 years out of mine before the tube lost power. That would be my guess.
You can slow the cut setting, but once that happens - look to plan B.

So update…cleaning all the lenses in the machine helped get everything back to normal…lol


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