Cutting Issues

Anyone having this problem?

Trying to cut a simple 4x6 square … machine not cutting correctly (90 degree cut)

How was the cut oriented on the bed? First guess is that your gantry isn’t square to the rails, but there’s also a curve there so that’s stranger even. My guess is that you’ll want support to take a look.


I agree with this, however Support is going to want you to test with known-good material (:proofgrade:). So you might want to save some time and run a quick :proofgrade: test and snap a pic of that.

And then post in problems and support. (They won’t see it here. But you knew that already.)

Ha! I didn’t even notice what section this was in.
Yes, @zfam, you’ll want to post this issue in Problems & Support in order to open the case with them. :slight_smile: