Cutting kydex

Whether this is yea or nay, I am stoked to be getting the glowforge as it will essentially finish my personal micro maker space as I already have the FDM printer and a CNC router.

So, the question is, have you tried this on Kydex sheets yet? If it will work on it, it should be great for cutting parts for knife sheaths and other Kydex products before and after forming. The whole draw it, cut it will make this the go to machine for so many things I do.

Well it looks like I answered my own question by poking around other posts. No chlorinated plastics.

Well is there something that works like Kydex that can be cut by laser?

HDPE seems to be a fairly viable alternative. But reports are that it is very hard to cut, and you need seriously powerful air assist to completely clean out the cut, or it just fuses back together when cooled.


I don’t know about the use case but check out delrin/acetal.

Yeah, I don’t think Delrin or acetal will work well for this use case. Kydex is very popular for this sort of thing because it can be heat formed from thin sheets (vacuum or foam press) and then still be very durable after. Only goes to show, you can’t have too many tools.

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Well there goes that idea. Stupid toxic fumes, constantly putting a damper on my ideas. :rage: