Cutting on Non-Certified Material

Hello Everyone, I attempt in every instance to use the proof grade materials from Glowforge, however, as you might know, there are always those instances when you want to engrave, or cut something that might not be “certified” .
My question is this, how can you know that the settings on the manual cut and engrave are the correct ones, without a lot of trial and error? I always put in the proper height of the material and for some reason, I am not getting a full engrave or a complete cut through the material.
Is there anyone that has success in doing so?

I usually start here. If you look at the tabs at the very bottom there is a ton of info and gets updated so we learn new things,


This is awesome!!! Thank you so much, I was hoping I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel!!!

Your welcome but use with caution. Also you might find your able to tweak the speeds and power. I do this in small increments if you find that the given setting just is not giving you the results you want.

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Also, I just conveniently shared this with someone else:

There are other versions around as well.


Awesome, thank you.

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I have had a lot of cases where a 3" x 12" piece of unknown wood needs a test that will allow me to know reasonable settings without making the need moot by using up all of the piece of wood so @evansd2 came up witha design I modified here.