Cutting on wrong side

All of the see fden in the middle of cutting a file the glowforge started cutting on the opposite side I placed the file on. Makes no sense. I placed the file on the far left and it cut on the far right. What happened?

Is there any chance it was on the right and you pressed print, moved it to the left and then went to print again without canceling the previous commands sent to the machine? Other than that i cant think of what might have caused that. If you post the date/time/time zone of the messed up print it will help the support staff when they come along

Could the printhead have gotten bumped with the machine on - like when inserting the material?

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EST FEB 2 around 8:30 pm

I did not move the board from the previous cut. I left the board in place then placed the ignored part of the file on the board where it could be cut out.

When i went to cut today it cut one set of earrings fine. when I go to cut another set it won’t cut. Stating the board is too thick. It’s 1/8" birch. No way it is too thick. It also said it bumped something when it bumped nothing. I was watching it. The was Feb 3 EST Around 9:30

With the machine off, move the carriage forward and back slowly and see if you feel any hesitations or anything unusual. Move the printhead side to side slowly and see if the movement seems smooth. Inspect all of the wheels and belts.

Turn the machine back on with nothing on the honeycomb tray and see if it centers and focuses normally. Try printing your earrings again.

I cleaned it and calibrated it. So far working great! Thanks

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I’m glad you resolved it @triplaird ! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!