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Hi! Brand new here and just fired up my glowforge pro. Made the first test cut. All good. I have downloaded Inkscape and have made some script words and saved as svg files. My problem is that when I load these script words into the glowforge app and click “cut” you can see that the kerning is not accurate to produce cutlines to make the word. The letters show overlap so when I cut it doesn’t make one solid cut. Can any help? I have played around with the kerning in Inkscape but it still doesn’t change it when I load it into the glowforge app.

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In inkscape once you have chosen “path, Object to path” select “ungroup” and use “path, union”. That will make them all one and not individual letters.


Thank you. I did actually find a good video too. I will try tonight.
Thank you for the prompt reply! I’m so excited to get going on this.
Do you buy your materials thru glowforge or elsewhere? Trying to be cost effective. lol

Here is a good tutorial also:

I love Proofgrade for finished projects that I want to be very nice. I can’t finish wood like the proofgrade. But I do lots of other materials that are non Proofgrade.

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I don’t see a link for the tutorial…

I’m in Canada so I buy stuff locally.

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@evansd2 did a nice write up of the technique for joining letters in the third post of that topic.

Thank you.

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