Cutting out aluminum Dog tags



Can the 40W Glowforge cut out a .050" thick aluminum dog tag? Maybe multiple passes?


Sorry, a 40W laser can’t cut aluminum. This topic lists some great resources on what can and cannot be cut/engraved.


That’s OK I will use my X-Carve Router to cut out custom blanks.


Thanks for the encompassing list. That will be very helpful to me, as I am a complete beginner in the area of lasers.


I have been looking at Rowmark engraving acrylic, which they say can be vector cut, and looks just lke metal.
You would buy their thin stuff and glue it to acrylic to make the thickness you want. You could even raster engrave the print, although it would be black and not look like graver engraved metal


I am pretty sure I saw blank anodized dog tags on the laserbits site, which would be a great way to get laserable blanks if you are happy with the shapes they offer. I would look up the direct link if I wasn’t on my phone (it’s not a mobile enabled site), but it’s worth browsing that site to see all the other things they offer too!


thanx for the resource, here is the URL if anyone can’t find it:

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