Cutting out images

How do I cut out an image if I don’t pay for premium? I want to engrave and cut out a picture of my son and his new baby but I can’t figure out how to cut it out since I don’t pay for that service anymore.

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You have to create a vector line in your graphics program by creating an offset. Alternatively, you can draw an oval/circle/rectangle around the photo and cut that out easily.

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So now I have to set the picture up in a program like inkscape?

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Yes if you don’t want to use an oval/circle/square.


I can’t use oval/circle/square because I don’t pay for premium. I us to use it when it was beta.

There is a design in the free design section that is a template with all of the shapes you will need. You can add it to your library and use it whenever you need a shape. Here is the link to it: Cut Shapes Template

There is a second version later on in the post. Right click the file and save to your computer as an svg, then upload into your library.


Thank you for the answer, @dklgood, that’s right!

@rdrdjunk, I think you may also find this tutorial helpful:
Here is a longer one showing how to prepare and print a file: Print 3: Make a Gift Tag from Scratch.

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