Cutting out small text out of acrylic

I’m New and I’m trying to cut out small letter for name plates, they either brake or wont come out of the acrylic. I’m not sure what to do, I tryed to ajust setting but them it dosent cut them out. I have wasted all out of product and I just need help. I need help on a setting, like speed, power, passes something please

Acrylic gets very hot and melts easily, especially thin parts like the narrow paths in lettering.

Thicken/bold your text, and/or enlarge it. Note how the wider text in “command” is not as badly deformed.


Perform a test with a small section if the most problematic text, adjust your power setting a little higher than you normally would, but try the cut with the material elevated over a damp paper towel. A thin spacer, about 1/8” thick should do,


You’ve gotten some good advice. Here’s another thing to try: do the cuts in two passes instead of one, with the power lower or the speed higher than your one-pass settings. Obviously you will have to test this to come up with the best settings. I think two passes would make it less likely that the acrylic fuses together from the heat after cutting.


thank you everyone for the help

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