Cutting Out the Bottom of Your Glowforge

I was interested in bottles (especially small diameter ones) to see if the curve caused trouble with the GF focus distance. From my test here, there was no warping or apparent variation in focus or laser energy transfer to the surface. I’m impressed. Not sure if this is due to the dynamic focus adjust feature, or if the surface distance change over the curve just isn’t taking things out of focus, but it works really well on cylindrical items.


I was worried about structural integrity of the machine. That is why the shape is so strange. Note that I tried to avoid cutting the intersection points of the plastic gridding. I also wanted the largest area I could get without cutting out the 4 screws and without messing with the silver channel crossing the bottom of the unit.

The “tub” still seems very rigid and stable. I was going to affix a metal strip along the top, near the hinge since the material is only 1" thick there now, but it actually seems very rigid still.


Ya, a bit. :slight_smile:

My wife and I figured that we were not selling our machine anytime soon, and the warranty is gone anyway, so why not make it work the way we want. It took us all weekend from having the idea to getting the courage to actually do it.


the 2" lens in a glowforge should have about a 0.10" focal length, so any height change less than that should turn out just fine unless you are going for crazy detail.


Don’t believe dynamic focus is enabled. For cuts the focus matters a great deal but for simple engraves there seems to be a lot of leeway


WOW - bravery my friend! Would be sick to see what you do with this - engrave EVERYTHING! :slight_smile:

Please add this to your list of things to try.


Warranty turn into a pumpkin? A new chapter opens - Let the modding begin.


For anyone interested in the “Pyrex” new vs old problems, I would point them to this Consumer Reports video:

It would seem to indicate that engraving any of the more recent product would increase the risk of a break if extreme situations were to be encountered thus exposing a person using it to injury. I would not want end up on the hook for an injury so I would likely decline any request for such work on ovenware.

Thank you.


Drooling :astonished: What an incredible mod! Keep posting the stuff you make, I’m excited to see what you come up with now that you have so much more space!

Thinking maybe if I could get my customized and isolated craft space…and if I customize the table it is on…

What happens if your tube wears out and you have to send your machine back to GF to have it replaced? Will they refuse to do it due to the modification?


He seems like a pretty smart guy. I’m betting that he’ll know how to install a new tube himself.


Hope everyone going into the room when it is working wears laser glasses…

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Unfortunately the pass under would be a couple inches too low to do much, and anything left-right that was high enough would interfere with the gantry… Though you might give it a tan at that distance.

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Brave soul!

FANTASTIC - I have been thinking about this (but mine is still new so it will be a bit) - I love it -
looks good - please keep us updated on projects!

Found a few minutes to make use of the mod today. Absolutely no problem with smoke. I used speed 125 and power 10.



Whoa! That’s excellent!

Now to develop the rotary unit! :wink:


Fantastic job! Thanks!