Cutting outline

I am trying to cut out a picture but the create outline button requires a premium license and won’t give me the option to cut out the picture. I thought I could do the basics without purchasing the premium.

there are LOTS of ways to create a outline – do a search - one of them will work for you!


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The outline tool is part of the premium subscription, so you will not be able to generate an outline within the Glowforge interface. You will need to open your artwork in your graphics program and generate an offset line around your picture.


Glowforge Print includes everything you need in order to user your laser cutter
Glowforge Premium adds things like design tools and free designs in the catalog

Here’s a handy comparison chart (which is already out of date since they’ve added stuff in the last 6 months):

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The outline tool is one of the creative tools that are part of the Glowforge Premium Subscription. dklgood has a good suggestion to create an outline for your project in your design program.

I’m going to close out this thread. If you still need help or have any additional questions about the Premium Subscription, please send us an email or start a new thread.