Cutting paper/cardstock - edges

Hi. I am still waiting (Dec 19th on the website). I am very interested in paper engineering and I want to make pop-up books. I have no experience cutting paper with a laser. Will it be possible to get a cut edge that will not be burnt? I am looking to get a clean edge like I get with an Xacto knife of a Silhouette cutting machine.



Yes, several users have reported that with the proper settings you can get a clean cut without discoloration.


The results I have had with vector cuts in cardstock are clean on top with very slight smoke stain on the back. Since I was gluing mine down that wasn’t an issue and I had no need to optimize the settings, but I think it would be possible to dial it in to eliminate that.

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You can avoid the underside discoloration from flashback by using masking, putting tape down on the bed, or cutting on a mat of some kind as well.

(Couple of coats of Krylon #7020 Repositionable Adhesive Spray on a nice flat sheet of cheap plywood makes a good reusable mat, or there are sticky laser mats available if you don’t mind spending a bunch of money…I always forget the name…@cynd11 would know…she’s tested one.)


Far from perfect, but here’s a bit of experimenting with pop-up: