Cutting paper Nightmare is over! :) (Good tip used & approved)!

Hi there guys!

After loosing few good paper cards cutting for cake toppers etc, I’ve decided to try a thing here!

And I’m only sharing it because I’m happy with it and why not share it once it works! :slight_smile:

So, Basically, I’m using a “scrap piece of acrylic” that has written in it to use as a mat.

So, the material I’ve specify is the thickness of the acrylic, in my case: 3mm.

So, I’ve bought these Stick & Spray thing that I’ve once used to remake the Silhouette Studio mat to get sticky again!

I’ve sprayed into the acrylic, let it dry for one hour and it worked perfectly to hold the small pieces and the big pieces of paper that were flying as some cake toppers are difficult to put magnetics to hold every little piece and ONE is enough to ruin it all.

So, On this specific photo, It’s the acrylic I’m using right now (the GF is working)… and It’s a bit rough as I’ve bought the £1.00 Heavy Duty Spray adhesive from Poundworld. (I live in the UK) :slight_smile: so call it Royal Spray! LOL it wor :)as well AND it’s only a pound! :slight_smile:

Well… as you can see, it works really well, I’ve added the 4 magnetics in each corner just in case! :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you do it and it helps someone else.

“…we make a living by what we get; … we make a life by what we give” :wink:


You made your own sticky cutting mat…good job. :grinning:


This isn’t only the amazing part, it’s that this one is almost free… spent a single pound with a pc of scrap acrylic! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s great! I made mine too with a piece of plywood and some spray adhesive, but it was a lot more than a pound for the spray. :smile:


kkkkkkkkkk I liked the acrylic instead of the wood that it keeps clean at the back of the paper ! :wink:


I might make the next one on acrylic. :grinning:

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Well, I was looking to buy a proper one, far too expensive to “try” …

Around £60 - 70£! :slight_smile:
Then I realise that I can make 70 with that money! LOL

Yep, good point.

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Thanks for sharing your success - very helpful.

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