Cutting popsicle sticks

I feel this is a dumb question. I need to cut a bunch of large craft sticks in half. Is there a simple way to just have a straight cut line rather than make a file on another program to export then import? I tried scanning just a black line from camera but it only will engrave and says it will take 12 minutes!

You need a vector line. Here is a link to a template of shapes provided by a member, or you can create a line in Inkscape or whatever program you use and use that.


Awesome thanks!

Here’s what I would do, based on my understanding of your question. (This operation requires Premium, I think) Put your sticks on the honeycomb, align them pretty well with some kind of stabilizer (ruler, etc) if necessary.

Select the line tool, rotate as necessary, and make it long enough to span the width.

Then draw a box around the group of sticks and center the line on the x-axis of the box. Now you have a straight cut mark through all the sticks.

If you dont’ have Premium, I would just make a cut-line file in a vector program and import that on top of the image of your sticks.

Hope this all makes sense! I’ve used a similar technique to ‘drill’ holes in the same size dowels I’m using for display.

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Yeah - I am a teacher and the premium free trial is up. My school won’t pay for the premium option. I was thinking that would have been the easiest way! Thanks so much

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I wish Glowforge would have a teacher discount, lol.


I did find this!

That link was provided in the first reply, above.


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