Cutting proofgrade draftboard in half lengthwise

I have a piece of 12" x 20.5" proofgrade draftboard that I want in two 6"x20.5" pieces.

The FAQ says “…not only can you design directly with a pen, you can cut the material in half just by drawing a line!”

I tried this, but a) the camera doesn’t appear to pick up the whole piece, and b) I get a lot of noise when using Trace.

I’ve also tried loading a 12x20 SVG with a simple 5pt line down the middle, but when uploading it the GFUI says that “No artwork is placed”

What’s the right way to do this?


If your SVG line goes off the usable scan area in the no go zone, it won’t allow you to process. This is a limitation at the moment.

You can adjust the contrast in your line scan to eliminate noise.

Also if you click on the top of your hand drawn line, you might be able to get it as a vector.


(And the implication here would be that the current cut area doesn’t extend across a full 20.5" area)

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Maximum area available to cut is currently 19.5"x11" (actually a few hundredths less than that). So you can’t cut a vertical line longer than 11" nor a horizontal line longer than 19.5". You can scale it down in the UI though.

Someday, the cut-able area is promised to be 20.4"x11.5", but today is not that day. And yes, this means that you can’t cut an entire standard 20"x12" Proofgrade sheet in one go. You have to move it on the bed to reach all of it.


Thanks all! Looks like I’ll do some cutting the old fashioned way and leave the GF to the more detailed work.


I generally cut full sheet in half more or less on a sliding mitre saw to sizes needed for the pieces. That allows use of the entire sheet avoiding loss of the inch or so on the edges that can’t be reached.


I’m sorry we missed your post.

Thanks @marmak3261, @jbmanning5, and @markwal for the answers.