Cutting something bigger than the scan area

I am trying to cut out a door to our 3D-printer (ultimaker 2 extended+), and starting to get really frustrated by now. I admit that I’m a Glowforge beginner.
First, I figured I could just draw the door contures on the acrylic board and scan it in the Glowforge. But the board is just the size of the crumb tray, and too big for the scanner. So it’s impossible to get a closed shape to cut around.

I then tried to draw the contures in two parts in photoshop and then moving them over to inkskape, saving them as SVG:s. But the app tells me that bitmaps can’t be cut. I’ve tried exporting them as shapes in photoshop, but I get the same answer.

My question is: how do I get the right file format on these shapes so that the Glowforge app allows me to cut the lines, instead of engraving?

Have you completed the tutorials on how to use your machine?

Your file needs to contain vector shapes, not raster images, in order to cut (or score), and will need to be in SVG or PDF format.


Ok! I solved it by making the drawing in Inkskape, witch created the right format. Thankyou!


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